Separator for emission testing in the Rye

Our laboratory has been enriched by another device:

Separator for emission testing in the Rye
and determining the mass doczyszczonego grain.

An important criterion for assessing the quality of cereal grains and legumes and oilseeds is to determine the amount and type of contaminants in total, including useless, harmful and ergot. The presence of impurities harmful to health in cereals consumption causes preparations deterioration of the organoleptic characteristics, while grain pollution, as well as pests loses in the process of storage on the technological value.
Mechanical, professional and rapid determination of weight doczyszczonego cereals, oilseed rape and maize and pollution and pests is separator type SZD. He found wide application in Poland and Western countries.
An equipment collection points as the primary device for determination:

- Weight doczyszczonego grains
- Impurities in the grain
- pest

and laboratories to prepare and purify samples of cereal or rape
for further studies quality whole grains or after grinding.