X-ray inspection system

As part of expanding our product range and to meet the expectations of customers, our company had bought a modern system of X-ray inspection. It allows the detection and elimination of impurities in products such as metal, stone, glass, plastics with high density and calcified bone. Already in our offer we appeared flaxseed with a purity of 99.98%....
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Prize – Diamonds Forbes magazine in 2016

For the ninth time published list of “Forbes Diamonds”. This year, the starting point was the base approx. 3 thousand companies with a positive financial result and on the risk factor of less than 4. Then analysts have valued each one of them called. Swiss method, thus creating a list of companies that are growing the fastest. In this year’s ranking, our company took first place in the region, in the category of medium-sized enterprises (53 on the list nationwide). Link to the page...
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Master Truck 2015

This is the 11th time from 17 – 19 July rally held Master Truck 2015 at the airport in Polish Nowa Wies k / Opole. Our company issues a five trucks and a trailer with a DJ playing. For 3 days our stand was very popular. Below are some photos from the rally....
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