About us

Katolik Ltd

generations is a family business. Founded in 1985 by Ursula and Henry Catholic as P.U.H.P. Ursula and Henry Catholic, now run by two brothers, Paul and Tom Catholic. Invariably enjoys the recognition of consumers. The main office is located in Kietrz (province. Opole). In Kietrz are located also the company’s offices: sales department, accounting, shipping. The company has its own warehouse, point of purchase cereals and garage. The second branch office is located in Oborniki Slaskie (province. Lower Silesia). Our company is certified


which is a guarantee for cooperating with our partners. In 2014 we are working in accordance with the standards of GMP. In the coming months and years, we plan to further intensive development of the company based on the latest technology.

Established in 1985

Since the company’s “Catholic” in Poland, and thus for more than 30 years our business directs the belief that we should bring long term benefits to our clients. We are convinced that as one of the largest distributors of cereals and additives for bakery and confectionery in Poland should seek solutions that will answer the most important economic and environmental issues.

We care about ecology

So for the sake of our environment for several years we have Biomass, or products of plant origin, are prone to bio-degradation.

A wide range of baking additives supplied by our company contains only high-quality products. Sympathy and trust in the brand reflected in co-operation with manufacturers, customers and suppliers throughout the Polish, Europe and the World. Currently, we are a manufacturer, exporter and importer of products such as: sugar, butter, flour, potato flakes, milk powder, whey, pomade, baker’s yeast, raisins, poppy, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax seeds, nuts, coconut, cumin, frozen fruits, canned fruits, marmalades, fruit gels.


Shipping department as part of our activities also carries heavy transport our goods and the goods ordered. We deliver goods to any place in the country and abroad. We have a modern fleet truck for transport of bulk materials with the function of self unloading type Walking Floor.

Our drivers with years of experience in the transport supply goods safely and on time. Constant monitoring of our fleet allows us to specify the time of delivery.

we supply our products in most European countries

Creating Shared Benefits is the way we run our business. We believe that it should benefit the company, but also to society, for example. Farmers supplying us raw materials, our employees, customers, business partners and consumers in the countries in which we conduct our distribution.

Our main business is:

Cereals Business

Since the beginning of conducting our business in the market of agricultural products we buy and sell grain.


We have our own silos and warehouses and research laboratory, which allow us to quickly assess the quality of cereals.


As part of our business, we also heavy transport our goods and the goods ordered in the country and abroad.


and prizes awarded to our company: